Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Aswan, Egypt (16)
Sowing campaign in Kharkiv region (16)
Children attend a lesson in the bomb shelter (14)
Nubian Museum, which houses the artifacts of different civilizations in Aswan, Egypt (43)
Zaporizhzhia Regional Military Administration head Ivan Fedorov (1)
Vehicles that burnt down (2)
Turkiye's largest lake (17)
Police intervene and arrest more than 100 students at New York University (11)
Mobile air defense groups receive pickup trucks for drone hunting in Kyiv (16)
Children go to the bomb shelter (4)
EU Parliament votes on "right to repair" (10)
Police search for missing six-year-old (8)
Miguel de Cervantes awards in Madrid (18)
russian attack on Kharkiv TV tower (32)
Volodymyr Zelensky gives the "Golden Star" (1)
russian shelling continues in Zaporizhzhia (27)
U.S. Congress members met President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv (7)
Eurovision Song Contest (4)
russian drone attack in Odesa (13)
Opening of the strawberry season (16)
Little planet (5)
Radome of the Fraunhofer Institute (6)
Jewish holiday of Passover (35)
World Earth Day in Mexico City (19)
World Earth Day in New Delhi (15)
Sandstorm in Libya's eastern city of Benghazi (4)
Benefit Opera Gala REBUILD UKRAINE (17)
Memorial service for Ukrainian serviceman Pavlo Petrychenko in Kyiv (22)
Meeting of the G7 Foreign Ministers (22)
Venue for Expo 2025 Osaka (27)
BMWK trip to Poland, Ukraine, Moldova (49)
Hamburg's Mayor Tschentscher in Kyiv (8)
russian Strikes Odesa Oblast (40)
80th anniversary of Japan's declaration of defeat in World War II (21)
10th Istanbul Photo Awards (215)
Response effort to russian strike on Dnipro (84)
The US House of Representatives approved on April 20, 2024 long-delayed military aid to Ukraine (47)
Frontline in Zaporizhzhia region (8)
Demonstration in support of Estonian military strategic plan for Ukraine (7)
Feria de Abril bullfighting festival (18)
Temal festival at Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu (6)
Baosheng cultural festival in Taipei (8)
Mutua Madrid Open 2024 (72)
Protest against the disbandment of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps Right Sector, (9)
WTA Tour - Stuttgart (93)
Volodymyr Zelensky meets with the Head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration, Vadym Filashkin (19)
Awarding ceremony for soldiers in Kyiv (11)
Iron Dome (9)
Scuba divers inside the Cenote Ponderosa near Tulum, Mexico (12)
Red Sea, Egypt (26)
The ship carrying 3,774 tons of humanitarian aid, (6)
The olympics medals of the Paris 2024 Olympics (15)
State banquet in the Royal Palace in Amsterdam (59)
demonstration led by the families of the kidnapped near Benjamin Netanyahu's house (28)
Spanish Navy's amphibious aircraft carrier ESPS Juan Carlos I (7)
Canola fields are seen in Edirne (16)
Kenyan workers collect plastic waste for recycling in Nakuru (19)
Jerusalem, Israel (37)
Citizens continue their daily lives in Chefchaouen, Morocco (12)
Cherry blossom trees (18)
Missile Defense Agency and U.S. Navy test in the Pacific Ocean (8)
Millions of tulips grow in the district of Gifhorn (14)
The festival of Ram Navami in Srinagar (14)
Kyiv Marks Paris 2024 D-100 (30)
Dolphins swim through the Bosphorus (11)
Sandstorm continues to negatively affect daily life in Jerusalem (10)
Ukrainian military ID card of reserve officer (11)
Annual army day in Tehran (5)
Spring season in Saint-Anastasie, France (33)
The Spanish Steps in Rome (17)
Reconstruction of residential buildings underway in Zaporizhzhia (14)
Kharkiv in spring (17)
Weapons And Military Equipment On Display - Kyiv (39)
Market shopping in times of inflation and war in Ukraine (26)
Polish Medical Mission provide medical help (38)
Consequences Of Russian Shelling In Donetsk Region (26)
Baltic Countries' Interior Ministers Visit Lviv (14)
Magura V5 Unmanned Surface Vehicle Presentation - Kyiv (18)
Zaporizhzhia Coke Plant (22)
Downed missile debris fall on private houses in Dnipro (19)