Monday, June 17, 2024
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G7 summit (1653)
Heat in Greece (12)
People bathe at a public shower on a hot summer day in Amritsar (2)
Extremely hot weather in Ankara (42)
Heavy rain falls over parts of South Florida (18)
Strong sea waves are pictured near the coast in Vińa del Mar (4)
Tropical moisture passing through the area has caused flooding due to the heavy rain (41)
After 24 hours of continuous heavy rain over Fort Myers (38)
eteorological Agency, Kyoto hits 35.9 degrees Celsius and is tHHottest day of this year in Kyoto City (9)
Hot day in Istanbul (7)
Muslim worshippers pray around the Kaaba (8)
International art exhibition Art Basel (28)
Helsinki Day (4)
Marktweg street in The Hague (14)
'Dressed To Scale' collection (16)
Joel Meyerowitz exhibition (19)
Störtebeker Festival (11)
Worldwide ceramic innovators drawn to Jingdezhen (8)
Dragon Boat Race - China (23)
2024 Tribeca Festival (965)
Poppies blooming (4)
Spanish Queen Letizia attending Proyectos Sociales de Banco Santander event (20)
2024 24 Hours of Le Mans (1200)
Farmers' demonstration in Brussels (107)
Ukraine conference (422)
Don’t Be Silent! Captivity Kills! rally in Vinnytsia (22)
Bomb squad drill on Dnipro River bank in Zaporizhzhia (26)
Kakhovka Reservoir 1 year after dam breach (8)
Don’t Be Silent! Captivity Kills! rally in Dnipro (25)
Athletics: European Championships (15)
Pension certificate with money (1)
ILA Berlin 2024 International Aerospace Exhibition (643)
FIVB Volleyball Nations League 2024 (420)
After the municipal and European elections (4)
European elections (665)
D-Day 80th anniversary (660)
Maropeng exhibition center (12)
Hot Wheels City Experience in Sao Paulo (41)
Belgium Royal children voting the first time (55)
Dutch Royal Family Photosession (93)
Wind power turbine blades company in Sheyang (11)
Peace in the Holy Land (30)
Ngor beach in Dakar, Senegal (21)
Fish market in Dakar (25)
Cattle market on the outskirts of Peshawar (4)
: Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Sunset Park in Las Vegas (29)
Carved lacquer, dating back to the Tang Dynasty (29)
100th anniversary of the best worker contest, central-eastern France (4)
Photovoltaic system (28)
Wedding of Scooter frontman H.P. Baxxter (6)
Wedding of the Duke of Westminster (57)
World Oceans Day (98)
Marine Farming in Fuzhou (3)
Summer Farming (10)
People spend the day on the beach in the port city of Tyre (16)
Tourists enjoy the day at Varadero Beach, Matanzas Province, Cuba (9)
Le Touquet Paris-Plage (6)
People spend the day on a beach in Athens (6)
PCD em Movimento (7)
Sand Tiger Sharks (12)
An aerial view of the fish market in Dakar (13)
Blackpool Pride Parade (53)
A view from the Table Mountain National Park (7)
Mecca, Saudi Arabia (21)
French Open tennis tournament (1403)
Bee-eaters (16)
Daily shopping and the transportation of goods (19)
Paleisheuwel solar plant (18)
Mediterranean coast (31)
Laamb tournament (44)
Parade marking the ‘Crowning’ date of King Abdullah II in Amman (27)
Australian Swimming Trials (71)
Tent Pegging Competition - Pakistan (5)
Shichengzi photovoltaic power station (2)
Villagers compete in a traditional dragon boat race (16)
Wholesalers transport vegetables by boat to sale (8)
Balinese royal cremation ceremony called "pelebon" in Ubud, Bali (4)
Great Mosque of Kairouan (8)
Ukrainian soldiers in the direction of the Chasiv Yar, (38)
Sonoma Raceway (338)
A mural of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (1)
Chanel boutique (11)
A logo of HONDA MOTOR CO.,LTD. (4)
Torigoe Matsurii 2024 (22)
33rd Yosakoi Soran Festival (13)
Open-air festival "Rock im Park" 2024 (69)
The classic car festival called 'Oldtimer' (13)
6th Ethnosport Culture Festival at Ataturk Airport (68)
The Tohoku Kizuna(Bonding) Festival (7)
Dragon Boat Festival (87)
The animals will be sold in the cattle markets in Dhaka city (13)
June Festival in Juazeiro (24)
Volodymyr Zelensky visits France (205)
Ukrainian and European flags flying (5)
The Dragon Boat Festival (66)
77th Holland Festival (20)
Volodymyr Zelensky delivers a speech in the hemicycle of the Assemblee Nationale (51)
Nature and ocean views in Cape Town (28)
Partial electricity blackout in Kyiv (12)
Search for missing girl (11)