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Specially trained Ukraine Army soldiers (31)
Ocheretyne, Ukraine (6)
russian attacks on the city of Vuhledar continue (46)
War continues in Donbas near the frontline Avdiivka, Pokrovsk (10)
Christmas celebration at Skansen thematic park in Stockholm City (6)
People spend time on Ipanema beach (21)
Avdiivka, Donbas, (123)
Mummy of Merenre Nemtyemsaf (6)
Imhotep Museum as the museum reopens after improvement works (35)
Smoke, rising after Israeli attacks in Gaza (8)
2023 Kennedy Center Honors (49)
Snow storm in Canada (24)
Christmas decoration in Kosice, Slovakia (23)
The Buda and the Pest sides, in Budapest (24)
Kenyan sand harvesters (31)
Iron Age Museum (25)
The Egypt's EDEX 2023 (48)
The city of Jerusalem is considered sacred in both Muslim, Jewish and Christian religion (18)
Snowfall in Geneva (13)
Christmas tree with lights, the Hague (10)
Deborra-Lee Furness riding her electronic scooter (11)
Street style Spring Summer 2024 Paris (112)
The explosion took place in the 800 block of N. Burlington Street (16)
Christmas decorations and lights of houses in San Carlos, Californi (21)
The Fashion Awards 2023 (616)
Illustration of the windows and logos in Paris (31)
Ukrainian soldiers are seen at a local shop (1)
City-run shelter for newly arrived migrant families in New York City (26)
National Library of Finland (14)
Dolphins swim at the Bosphorus (9)
Explosion in northwestern Peshawar (26)
Passengers are seen at the train station in Brussels (11)
The third annual Academy Museum gala (380)
Chris Hemsworth talks about film (13)
Registration center in Ter Apel (11)
Baerbock in Slovenia (6)
Winter In Ukrainian Carpathians (25)
Tehran, Iran (34)
Invitation Military Drill held at Gulf of Saros in Canakkale (31)
Christmas Preparations - Kyiv (12)
Christmas market (386)
Volodymyr Zelenskyy is briefed on the situation along the Kupyansk Lyman defensive line (18)
Volodymyr Zelenskyy reacts during his interview with The Associated Press (4)
Singer Joe Jonas walks with his daughters (7)
National Christmas tree lighting in President’s Park in Washington DC (88)
Snowfall in downtown of Stockholm (4)
Colombia (66)
East Jerusalem (16)
The protest, which started on the 6th of November is blocking the border crossing between Poland and Ukraine (61)
Ukrainian soldiers in their fighting position in the direction of Kupiansk (40)
Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral during reconstruction work (40)
Memorial to the Martyrs of the Deportation (19)
Stack empty oil drums for recycling at a warehouse in Dhaka (16)
Gerard Collomb died at the age of 76 (214)
A frail Pope Francis attends the weekly general audience (37)
Christmas tree adorned with UK symbols (8)
Olaf Scholz attends the ceremony of Christmas tree plantation (16)
The eruptive activity of the Etna volcano continues (5)
The resort of Montgenevre (25)
Migratory Birds inside the Anasagar Lake (36)
World premiere of Wonka (317)
The Christmas Village (12)
Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia (34)
A US Osprey military aircraft with eight crew on board crashed on Wednesday off a Japanese island (9)
Mobile phone screen (7)
Opening of Sculpting the Senses exhibition (55)
Snowfall in Berlin (22)
Snow in Krakow (9)
Krakow's UNESCO listed old town (16)
People try to walk with umbrellas (10)
Isfahan, Iran (40)
Kosovo protests (24)
Belgian and Dutch farmers gather outside European Parliament (11)
Volunteers Make Camouflage Nets (19)
Signa Holding files for insolvency (28)
Food Train Arrives In Kharkiv And Izium - Ukraine (30)
15th Legislature at the National Congress (139)
Ukraine Braces For A Brutal Winter War - Kyiv (19)
3-Year-Old Kherson Girl Survives russian Mine - Kyiv (19)
Ruslan Stefanchuk welcomed by the Presidents of the Parliament and Senate (16)
Himmelstadt Christmas post office (8)
Planting campaign for the reforestation of the communal forest (22)
International border crossing at Salla (4)
Ukrainian artillery units prepare to artillery fire (48)
Prosthetics And Rehabilitation Centre - Zaporizhzhia (39)