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The Chernobyl disaster
New Rada


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World Water Day (416)
Protests of Imran Khan supporters in Lahore (283)
People enjoy cherry blossom season in Tokyo (23)
Demonstrations against the policies of the Netanyahu's government in Israel (57)
Anti-government protests in Kenya (53)
Cheti Chand celebration in Rajasthan (15)
Germany facing warning strikes (80)
Joe Biden poses for a photo (5)
EU summit (220)
First day of Ramadan (211)
Leopard tanks at the Santa Barbara Sistemas plant (23)
MiG 29 fighter jets taking part in the NATO Air Shielding exercise (1)
Queen Maxima visits to Morocco (221)
Ukrainian police officers of the White Angels unit (10)
A Ukrainian soldiers at a railway station in Kramatorsk (13)
Ukrainian servicemen on the frontline in Bakhmut (83)
Ukrainian Orthodox Church monastery in Odessa damaged following a russian rocket attack (5)
We Love NYC New Logo (30)
Ukrainian Mi-24 attack helicopter (6)
russian drone attack over Kyiv region - the town of Rzhyshiv (72)
Nuclear Workers Strike Against Pension Reform - Paluel (10)
Doctors Without Borders (12)
Evacuation by volunteers from the Hospitallers paramedic organisation (10)
Ukrainian soldiers on captured russian tanks T-72 hold military training (1)
Ukrainian children back from russian-held territory arrived in Kyiv (6)
Demonstration against the pension reform in Marseille (106)
A man shot himself in the back of a rideshare vehicle in Arlington, Virginia (32)
Slovak Air Force MiG-29s (1)
UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Center (12)
Coventry Street is decorated with Ramadan ornaments (21)
55th International Motor Show in Serbia (20)
44th Bangkok International Motor Show 2023 (51)
Birds perch on a branch of blossoming apricot tree (27)
Tornado in Montebello, California (18)
World's Largest Sonic Wind Tunnel (17)
Attacks carried out by russian forces in Zaporizhzhia (64)
Traces of war in Staryi Saltiv (31)
Oleksandra Matviichuk during her meeting in Kyiv (35)
Newly reopened silo in Eastern Slovakia to support grain export from Ukraine towards Europe (27)
First Tarawih Prayer in Kyiv (12)
11 year-old Ukrainian student continue education in 4 square meters storeroom in Lyman (9)
Volodymyr Zelenskyy visit Bakhmut frontline (61)
Volodymyr Zelensky visiting wounded soldiers to present medals (13)
Książę William z wizytą w Polsce (201)
King Felipe Attends in the activation exercise of Eagle Eye - Ibiza (9)
Fashion Trust US Awards (794)
Daily life in Madrid (22)
Amsterdam Drone Week Fifth Edition (9)
Evacuation of civilians continue in Ukraine (38)
Ukrainian Embassy in Berlin (3)
UAV Mine Detection System Test - Kyiv (14)
Mateusz Morawiecki and Fumio Kishida meeting in Warsaw (14)
UN Water Conference (40)
Funeral on Ukrainian serviceman Bizhan Sharopov (28)
Jennifer Aniston and Melanie Laurent attend the Murder Mystery 2 premiere (167)
Jennifer Aniston leaves her hotel (8)
Queen Maxima Makes Un Visit To Morocco (17)
Ukraine To Produce Nuclear Fuel For EU Market (29)
Former Pakistani prime minister appears in court in Lahore (20)
Day of Remembrance and Commitment in Italy (19)
Harvesting Potatoes - Bangladesh (12)
Italy-Serbia Business and Science Forum (7)
Nowruz celebrations (390)
First domestically-produced electric car Togg T10X (12)
Renewable energies (13)
VW expands electric ID range with small car (41)
Jelbi stations at the Brandenburg Gate (5)
World Down Syndrome Day (56)
Ford introduces new electric model (16)
Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Brandenburg (52)
Environmentalists protest at Tesla store in Berlin (2)
Life started in the container city in Kahramanmaras (4)
Euronext Trading Floor - Paris (22)
Zelenskyy Visits the Angels of Victory Memorial in Moschun (15)
Tents set up after mosque damaged in quakes in Kahramanmaras (6)
1.4 millions of tons debris carried from destroyed buildings in Kahramanmaras (24)
Ramadan preparations (323)
Italy starts charging entry fees for Pantheon Basilica (11)
Crocuses blossom (60)
Acre, the port city of the Middle East (15)
Joe and Jill Biden return to the White House (20)
Antonio Banderas during promotion opera El Fantasma (12)
Thousands of young salmon released in the Ahr (6)
Miniature park "Small Harz" (9)
Hourglass exhibition in Delitzsch (6)
Garbage workers on strike against pension reform (37)
Eiffel Tower in Paris (1)
Possibility of Donald Trump being indicted anytime soon in New York (17)
NYPD barricades outside Manhattan Criminal Court in New York City (7)
Clashes Follow No-Confidence Vote - France (93)
Tourists Welcome Spring At Teotihuacan - Mexico (14)
World Puppetry Day in Indonesia (164)
Farmers prune the bloomed peach, olive, tangerine, lemon, apricot trees (13)
PM Kishida visits Ukraine (26)
Fumio Kishida visits Bucha (19)
Military mobility continues in Bakhmut frontline (155)
Military mobility continues on Donetsk Region (87)
The flag of Ukraine flutters between flags with the logo of German energy giant RWE (2)
The situation with water supply in Chasiv Yar (21)
Civilians cook outside in Chasiv Yar (7)
Aftermath of russian shelling in Kostiantynivka (57)
Mariupol Drama Theater 3D model exhibition in Kyiv (11)
Painting drawn at the recycling factory was chosen as the 'best mural art' of 2022 in Netherlands (8)
Cherry blossoms are in full bloom (109)
Pear blossoms burst into bloom (10)
Peach blossoms are in full bloom (5)
Summer Palace in Beijing (90)
CDU Chairman Friedrich Merz in Israel (9)
Joe Biden at a reception celebrating Nowruz - Washington (34)
Antony Blinken speaks (12)
A photo shows the newspaper reporting about the meeting (7)
Representatives of UOC-MP Synod arrive at Presidential Office - Kyiv (10)
Czech President Pavel in Berlin (8)
Commemoration of the executed Sich riflemen of the Carpathian Ukraine (58)
Funeral of Ukrainian soldier Oleg Adamovsky Orlov in Kharkiv (21)
LNG terminal off the island of RLgen (6)
'The NGO Day in Action' delivers support kit for children in Kharkiv (44)
12th anniversary of the Syrian Civil War in Paris (29)
Ukrainian authorities demand that pro-moscow priests leave the Kyiv Monastery of the Caves by the end of March (43)
Military mobility continues on Toretsk (44)
Ebrahim Raisi attends the last cabinet session of the year (4)
China's Political System (1)
Taipei morning traffic (6)
World Sleep Day (105)
Flash flood at quake area in Turkey (225)
Cluster bomb strike in Kramatorsk (22)
A Ukrainian Mi-24 attack helicopter (10)
Ukrainian army mechanics repair tanks at a hangar in Kharkiv Oblast (34)


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