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La Tomatina


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A squirrel looks up in wonder (2)
Pumpkin weighing in excess of 2000lbs - more than a Smart car (9)
Rare Chinese teapot found during lockdown 'worth (6)
New Orleans zoo celebrates endangered gorilla birth (6)
Luxury superyacht looks like a swan (50)
A Donald Trump like masked man controls traffic in Manhattan (3)
People using stepping stones to cross the River Wharfe at Bolton Abbey (7)
Giant panda twins Meng Xiang and Meng Yuan (10)
The exterior of the Millennium Falcon (4)
Superyacht has its own submarine (14)
World's first Wimmelporsche unveiled (6)
Old Royal wedding cakes up for sale (6)
Baby gorilla born at UK zoo (2)
Water buffalos cool off at the end of the day in Kayseri (27)
Bagua-shaped farming field (4)
Office building Cube Berlin (9)